Chocolate Chip Cookie

mummies in the house cookies are kids best friend,make this with your kids,allow them to mix the flour themselves and have a fun bake time.

Vanilla Cake

vanilla cakes are lovely, they are kids favorite,adults love them too, when you make this for your kids they’ll cherish you.

Chicken Salad

hmm!yummy…..chicken salad is always a must have for our lovely occasions and thanksgivings,This salad recipe makes a delicious,quick meal and is always a favorite!

Hawaiian Prawn Salad

What is it about Hawaii and pineapples? Who knows but, oh boy, they go perfectly with prawns and tell you the truth, this is delicious.

Potato Salad

This potato salad recipe is simply the best, after using this wonderful recipe, the result is wow! It is definitely the best.

Shrimp Continental

Where are the shrimp lovers, this beautiful, captivating sea food deliciousness is a goal, it’s a lovely side or main dish which is nutritious and sweet to taste, just give it a try and tell.

Cream of Vegetable Soup

This is an insanely delicious, creamy soup. Is perfect if you are looking for a vegetarian meal or just something light and easy and it’s a great starter that goes with bread rolls and croutons.

Minestrone Soup

You’ll love this soup in the winter, it goes lovely with a crunchy crouton.

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