Nsala Soup (White Soup)

Nsala soup /White Soup is a tasty, fast and easy soup recipe that has its origins in the riverine areas of Nigeria.It so delicious and lovely to taste.

Isi Ewu

this delicious soup could either be prepared with palm oil or palm fruit extract which gives it the irresistible color and aroma and it can be thickened with either achi, Ofor (ibaba) or coco yam to achieve its different taste. Goat meat is also great for oha soup, since it adds a lovely flavor to […]

Edikaikong Soup

i love this soup most, especially with pounded yam,this is the meal you’ll need with chilled coke and sleep off even while eating it,you’ll want to remove your cap and unbutton your clothes just to eat this delicious meal, this is the reason your man will not want to eat from another but you,Enjoy!!!

Ofada Rice

who doesn’t love this aromatic spicy special Yoruba rice dish, give it a try and you’ll love it to the end,yummy!

Pretty Strawberry

This strawberry recipe is perfect for a sunny day. It is high in protein and low in fat, I call it pretty cause it actually is………..

Carrot Soup Creamy

This soup is a wonderful way to enjoy beta-Carotene-rich carrots, especially during the chilly weather.

Party Jollof Rice

Who don’t like sweet delicious, tasty and spicy party jollof rice, I do yearn for it until I got this lovely recipe, give it a try You’ll love it like I do.

Assorted Efo Riro Soup

Efo Riro is a rich native vegetable soup of the Yorubas in southern West of Nigeria. This spicy vegetable soup is so delicious and well desired in any part of nigeria and faraway,the aroma alone is just too delicious to have, it goes especially with pounded yam.

Basmati Fried Rice

Basmati fried rice puts a spicy, flavorful spin on the rice dishes and it is appealing to the eyes and nutritious too.

Peppered Chicken

This sauce is a multipurpose sauce used for taking yam, white rice, draw soup etc. a very nice spicy sauce that bring sweetness to one’s home, the aroma is one of a kind that draws people from far and near to it. Enjoy its sweetness……..

Goat meat in Yam Pepper Soup

 This African native soup is a meal to yearn for, it is full of deliciousness

Assorted Meat in Yam Pepper Soup

This lovely pepper soup is a very delicious and healthy meal, it is one of the recommended healthy pepper soup recipes for everyone especially those with cold, as they will get to enjoy the spicy yam, which has absorbed the rich flavor from the meat giving it an esthetic taste.

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