Moi-Moi (Beans Pudding)

my favorite dish and people sweet hearts,it can be taken as a main dish,side dish and also with protein. you’ll love this recipe.

Abacha (African Salad)

this is delicacy is common among the igbos of the eastern part of Nigeria,it lovely really,cassava lovers enjoy.


chai!!! having this hot sweet nkobi with palmwine is a goal, it is lovely and enticing that you’ll want more of it,make this meal and your family will love you. Enjoy

Jollof Couscous

Jollof Couscous is a one pot Aromatic, Easy, Flavorful and Delicious dish.

Plantain Porridge

This delicious Plantain Porridge is a rich meal that all plantain lovers will surely enjoy. It can be prepared with either ripe or unripe plantains or a combination of both. Even if you’re not a plantain lover, you should give this meal a try, because plantains are rich in fiber, minerals(potasium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous) and […]

Vegetable Yam Porridge

This vegetable yam porridge will take your love for yam porridge to a different level

Afang Soup

Nigerian Afang soup, eaten by Efik and Ibibio people of Nigeria is a delicious soup made with Afang leaves and a leafy vegetable locally called waterleaf.

Waina or Masa

oh! sweet love of waina/ masa, this is a lovely Hausa dish with lovely miyan taushe,people all over the country love and its a lucrative business too, chefs be ready to make money from these recipes

Miyan Kuka

This lovely meal goes well with Tuwo shinkafa (rice pudding), i love it so much, its a Hausa meal i love when i was a child,guess what? i still love it.

Ofe Owerri and Pounded Yam

This is an ideal food for everyone to enhance physical growth and development. Pregnant women, nursing mothers benefit more from this dish for their wellbeing. Convalescing patients can recover quickly from their illness and also build a strong immune system against diseases and infections when they include Ofe Owerri in their diet.


Abula is a wonderfully colorful southern Nigerian Yoruba soup. It is a mixture of Gbegiri which is a bean soup, Ewedu and Pepper Sauce. Amala is a thick brown paste  made from yam, which had been peeled, cleaned, dried and then blended into a flour. This is simply delicious!

Marugbo (black soup)

  Traditionally this soup is prepared with fresh fish and served with pupuru. It is made of a combination of meat and fish which is a personal preference. This lovely delicacy made by mostly the riverine people in Nigeria.

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