Spicy Pancake

Pancake is always a beautiful breakfast menu, having these condiments in the pancake batter give this quick meal a distinct taste.

Yamarita (Egg-Coated Yam)

Serve with Peppered Stew, Egg Sauce or any type of stew depending on your taste.

Pap and Akara

Akara is one of the most popular breakfast in Nigeria, it’s made with a combination of bean paste, fresh onions and salt. Akara is also a great street food as sellers can be found frying them at different hours of the day. It is popularly served with ogi (pap).


IKOKORE is an Ijebu delicacy. It is a special meal that an Ijebu man can not do without. So, if you are married to an Ijebu guy, you must learn how to prepare the meal.

Abari/Sapala (Corn pudding)

Abari is a delicious Yoruba cusine, its so beautiful and tasty, you love this and know that mama taught me well……

Agidi Jollof

this is complete meal that doesn’t cost much,its a lovely pap recipe,you’ll love it


Okpa is a traditional Nigerian food very popular in the eastern parts of Nigeria, especially in Enugu State. Its taste cannot be compared as it’s made with Bambara flour.

Okoho Soup

this is a Delicacy for Idoma people and is made of the unusual Okoho plant, game meat, and many other additional ingredients. Okoho soup is properly served with pounded yam, which is also typical of their traditional cuisine

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