Quesadilla Burger


ground beef1 

clove garlic, minced1 

jalapeño, minced1 tsp. 

chili powder

Kosher salt

Freshly ground black pepper5 tbsp. 

vegetable oil, divided8 

small flour tortillas1 1/2 c. 

shredded cheddar1 1/2 c. 

shredded Monterey Jack1 1/2 c. 

shredded lettuce1 c. 

pico de gallo1/2 c. 

sour cream, for drizzling DIRECTIONS

  1. In a large bowl, combine ground beef, garlic, jalapeño, and chili powder and season with salt and pepper. Mix until just combined, then shape mixture into 4 thin patties. 
  2. In a large skillet over medium-high heat, heat 1 tablespoon of oil. Cook patties to your desired doneness, about 4 minutes per side for medium. Transfer to a plate and wipe skillet clean. 
  3. Heat 1 tablespoon oil over medium heat. Add a flour tortilla and top with a small handful each of cheeses and lettuce. 
  4. Place a cooked burger on top, then top with more cheese, and cup pico de gallo and a drizzle of sour cream. Top with a tortilla and cook until golden, about 2 minutes. 
  5. Flip quesadilla and cook 2 minutes more. Repeat with remaining ingredients to make 4 quesadilla burgers.


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By Babatunde Oyebamiji

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